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Miriam Segal has more than 30 years' experience as a coach / counsellor / therapist. She is a licensed psychotherapist (University of Southeast Norway, Norwegian Institute of Expressive Arts and Communication), music therapist (Norwegian Academy of Music), and vocal and performance coach (Complete Vocal Institute) She is also a certified facilitator of mindful communication and presence (Circling Europe) and of Safe and Sound Protocol (Stephen Porges), a music-based treatment approach for sound sensitivity as a result of trauma.


Miriam has studied under Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, and Peter Levine, among others, and she specialises in trauma, motivation, and mindful communication. She also has a background as a singer, actor, dancer, dance teacher, writer, and translator. Miriam has developed the CEA Method™ (Conceive, Embody, Achieve), which can help you achieve your goals and realize your dreams. She is presently working towards a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health, certification as an EMDR therapist (completed level 1), as well as a specialisation in craniosacral therapy, a deeply relaxing and gentle form of treatment for the entire body.

Miriam is a member of the Norwegian Association of Expressive Arts Therapy (NFKUT), which is a member of the Norwegian Federation of Psychotherapists (NFP). NFP is a member of The European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP), which is established in 28 countries. Her practice is insured by Gjensidige forsikring, and she is a registered Expressive Arts Psychotherapist MNFKUT/MNFP in the Voluntary Register of Complementary Practitioners (Brønnøysund).





I’m interested in helping you improve your ability to feel safe, grounded, and at home in the world as well as to achieve your goals and create and live a good life. I have more than 30 years’ experience as a coach/ counsellor/therapist, and my education is in psychotherapy (Expressive Arts), mindfulness, and vocal and performance training. I also offer EMDR, craniosacral treatments (connection cranium-sacrum), and I treat sound sensitivity from trauma with Safe and Sound Protocol. I offer short and long-term therapy in person and online, in English or Norwegian, in individual, couples, and group sessions.



You're good! I came in pretty closed up, but after a short while, opened completely up. Most of that is down to you. Lovely to experience the great freedom I experience here.


This is some of the most powerful and effective work I've ever done! accepting, safe. I feel seen and respected. Making mistakes and learning from them is allowed here, without feeling shame. Consider it a strength instead. Appreciate what is me and mine. Empowered to be who I am and show it, say what I mean ... Pretty strong stuff!


I've felt very taken care of and seen, on my terms, and I really appreciate it. You create a safe atmosphere where it's possible to be myself, and - especially - make discoveries. That's wonderful!


You're amazing! Absolutely amazing!


When you contact me, you give me permission to use your personalia to respond to your enquiry. Please refrain from including information of a sensitive nature, e.g. health details.

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Centre for Coping & Mastery

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0354 Oslo

Bjørvika/Sørenga Therapist

Sørengkaia 104, B-402

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P.O. Box 3311 Sørenga

NO-0140 Oslo, Norway


Tel: +47-411 50 595

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Skype: Miriam Segal prof

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