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Information, consent, and cancellation


If you would like a session with me, you can use the electronic calendar here. If you don't find an available slot, you can contact me via the contact information at the bottom of this page. Please be aware that you thereby consent to my using your contact information to respond to your query.


Please do not include information of a sensitive nature in an email or text message, e.g. information regarding health issues, as I cannot guarantee full online security. I cannot respond to messages which include sensitive information. Please include your telephone number, email address, and whether or not you would like your session to be online or in person. Due to privacy regulations, I cannot accept personal friend requests on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, and I cannot respond to messages on such social media or in Messenger.

You are welcome to like my professional business page on Facebook ( and become a member of my free Facebook group (


Online sessions

For my individual and couples online sessions, I use Care Connect by Kry, which is a video service approved for healthcare professionals. You will be sent a link a minute or two before your session begins. You consent to the use of video when you use that link. The video sessions will not be recorded.

NB! Group sessions have other rules. Please check the group session descriptions.


Payment and Cancellation

You pay at the beginning of the session. You can pay electronically with Vipps. If you don't have Vipps, I have EasyPay for electronic payments and can send an electronic invoice by encrypted email.

Cancellation policy: If you need to cancel your appointment, you must do so 48 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment time. Appointments cancelled less than 48 hours in advance must be paid for in full.

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