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What I offer

what i offer

Please check the calendar for availability, and to book a session. If you don't find an available slot that suits, you can contact me (see below for contact information) to find another option.

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Free Introductory Training: Trauma and Presence

It’s no big surprise, perhaps, but it can often seem easier to be present in the here-and-now when not in the company of others. Habits, roles, and defense strategies tend to show up when in the company of others and can get in the way of one’s present experience of oneself. A possible reason for this is past traumatic experience.

Trauma and Presence is an arena where you can learn, practice, and improve your ability to be yourself, present, even when in the company of others. We train

  • staying present in both challenging and calm situations;

  • being with others who also experience challenges staying present;

  • the ability to come into ourselves and into presence, calm, and the experience of safety when we have distanced ourselves from the moment. In that way, we no longer need to fear those situations.

Introductory training evenings are free of charge. There are a limited number of places, so please sign up by clicking the red button. If you have any questions, please contact me at info(a) or +47-41150595.

You can also like my Facebook page for more information about this and other courses etc: or become a member of my Facebook group:

If there are participants on the course who do not speak or understand Norwegian, the course will be held in English. NB! The course will be held at Centre for Mastery and Excellence, Underhaugsveien 9B, Oslo.


CEA Method™

What if you could experience reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams in a fun way without the risk of failure?


Many of us have heard the story of the fleas in a flea circus being trained to not jump outside of the box they were placed inside. A lid was put on the box, so that they hit their head on it every time they jumped up. Once the fleas had learned to jump just high enough to avoid hitting their head, the lid to the box was removed. Despite there not being a lid, the fleas still didn’t jump any higher.


Many people behave in the same way as the fleas, i.e. they live within invisible boundaries and limits which are no longer there.


On the course CEA Method™, you can

  • learn to help yourself move "outside the box," outside your old limits, and not only think and visualize beyond those limits.

  • learn to help yourself reach your goals and fulfil your dreams instead of just dreaming about them or remaining stuck in wishful thinking, hopelessness or fear of failure.


This is where the journey begins. Learn about the CEA method™ and how to apply it, then go out there and do it!

Studie gruppe

Fenomenologisk kommunikasjon for KUTerapeuter

Dette kurset er forbeholdt kunst- og uttrykkspsykoterapeuter. Det er et online kurs som går over åtte mandager høst 2020. Online-timene varer i 1,5 time og omfatter en teoretisk del og en praktisk del.


Noen av målene med kurset:

  • forbedret evne til å romme dine egne og klientens opplevelser

  • forbedret evne til kontakt og opplevelse av øyeblikket

  • forbedret evne til å sette ord på opplevelser

  • forbedret evne til nysgjerrighet, resiliens, lek, empati, følsomhet, reseptivitet, og omsorg inklusiv egenomsorg

  • forbedre evne til å legge merke til og legge til side egen forforståelse, antakelser, fortolkninger, fordommer m fl

  • forbedret evne til spontanitet

  • opplevelse av økt tillit til deg selv i møte med dine klienter


Minimum antall deltakere: 5

Maksimum antall deltakere: 16


Kurset holdes på Zoom med mindre annet er oppgitt.


Pris: kr 1000,-

Påmelding: innen 31. august 2020

Tidspunkt: 18:00-19:30

Datoer (med forbehold om endring):

7., 14. og 28. sept

5., 19. og 26. okt

2. og 9. nov

Deltakelse forutsetter at kursavgiften er betalt. Kursavgiften er ikke refunderbar. Faktura sendes ut senest innen påmeldingsfristen. Du kan også betale med Vipps til 54618 Relation Revolution.


Spørsmål: 411 50 595 eller 

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