The study «Going Out with A Bang” examines the implications of ending a psychotherapy session spending time on new, positive insights gleaned during a psychotherapy session. The study is part of the Master’s degree program in Clinical Mental Health at the University of Southeast Norway.


The study entails a normal psychotherapy session (first project session) with me, Miriam Segal, Expressive Arts Psychotherapist MNFKUT, head of and researcher in the study. After you have arrived at a new insight or discovery in the session, I spend a bit of extra time focusing on the new insight before you leave the session. The following session (second project session) is to be held approximately two weeks after the first project session. You and I find a suitable time for both sessions. The project sessions will last for maximum 90 minutes and will be held in my therapy room at the Centre for Coping and Mastery in Bislett in Oslo.


In the period between the first and second project sessions, you keep a journal of your experiences in connection with the new insight. You bring the journal with you to the second project session, and we go through it during the session.


For this study I am looking for adults between the ages of 18 and 65 who have previous experience with Expressive Arts Therapy or Psychodrama, and who can participate in two project sessions as described above, either in August or September 2020. You will receive more information and criteria from me before you may participate. There is no charge for the two project sessions. Information from the sessions which may be used in my Master’s thesis, research articles etc will be anonymous so that you will not be identifiable.


If you are interested or have questions regarding the study, you can contact me, Miriam Segal,

411 50 595, info (a) miriamsegal.com. Please refrain from sending information of a sensitive nature,

e.g. health details.


When you contact me, you give me permission to use your personalia to respond to your enquiry. Please refrain from including information of a sensitive nature, e.g. health details.

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